"In search of inspiration"

Author's picture book for readers from 5 years old,

Text and illustrations: Nata Romankova

32 pages, published in co-operation with Goodwin Publishing House in October 2023.

The main hero of the story is Vasya the giraffe. He works as a lighthouse keeper and lives alone in the lighthouse. Tomorrow is his only day off and he wants to go to the city to meet his friend Grisha. He makes a lot of plans, but in the morning all his plans are ruined by the bad weather. Vasya tries to fight, but finally gives up. He has no energy, no ideas, and his throat begins to hurt. He sends a letter to Grisha.

In his reply, Grisha advises Vasya to try his family recipe. The recipe sounds very strange: "Take a big BAMBOOLETTE, get something multi-coloured (the more colours - the better!), use something flat and smooth, spin it round and round and add a pinch of Inspiration". But Vasya tries to follow the recipe with all his might. As he does so, everything around him changes, the weather gets better and his friend Grisha comes to visit him with his own set of ingredients for the recipe.

The idea is to inspire young readers (5+) and involve them in a creative game to find their own interpretations of the recipe.

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